Precise OEE Tracking and Reporting

OEE RADAR is an application to monitor Overall Equipment Effectiveness in real-time.  The first client using OEE RADAR experienced an increase in OEE of over 15% in a high changeover rate packing machine.  OEE RADAR runs on Windows and Mac in either Mathematicafree CDF Player, or CDF Player Pro.  Please contact us for details.

There are several reasons for this application to be so effective.

  1. OEE RADAR is driven by an automatic optical system that constantly monitors and saves equipment state changes, so it allows registered users to perfectly track and save in a database 1) the machine state and change time, 2) total production and 3) product quality in product-specific time spans.  These records are used by OEE RADAR to generate real-time and user-defined OEE and TEEP reports as well as other system tracking charts like a daily or weekly Not-Productive Events Pareto.
  2. Tracking with OEE RADAR system events like Broken, Normal Production, Line Clearance, Material Setup, Preventive Maintenance, etc. allows supervisors or engineers to know the exact start time, duration, and frequency of these critical events.  These records are used to provide objective data and reports to understand and track system performance as well as to monitor the long term effect of the implementation of system changes to improve OEE.
  3. Tracking the exact start time and duration of all system events and making them visible to engineering or management has the effect increasing the awareness and the commitment of employees.
  4. Data is recorded using BEST DB Editor, thus the quality level of data is very high as the system basically prevents users from making any kind of data entry errors.
  5. OEE RADAR does not get machine states from equipment PLCs but the hardware installation is basically an external optical system which does not change current system setup or conditions.  This implies that there is no need to perform a system validation after OEE RADAR is installed.