BEST Viewpoints

Data Analysis Made Simple

BEST Viewpoints is a data visualization and analysis application for business, research or education.  Its highly intuitive user interface greatly simplifies the process of extracting and visualizing the information contained in databases, spreadsheets or other data file formats.  Beyond business intelligence and multi-level hierarchical data aggregations it provides analysts and researchers flexible data exploration and statistical analysis tools.  BEST Viewpoints runs on Windows and Mac in either Mathematicafree CDF Player, or CDF Player Pro.  Please contact us for pricing and trial versions.

The slide show below highlights some of the output or analyses users can perform with BEST Viewpoints.

BEST Viewpoints adaptive user interface enables users to quickly generate actionable information from data.

  • Business Intelligence – Performing hierarchical data aggregations and visualizing results.
  • Templates – Manage your time efficiently with Analysis Templates.
  • Data Exploration – Using statistical analysis and visualization tools.
  • Data Modeling – Creating and analyzing prediction models.
  • Data Visualization – Using graphical analysis methods and plots.
  • Animations – Animate your analysis!
  • Statistical Inference – Hypothesis testing, confidence intervals and goodness of fit.
  • Association Analysis – Find associations in data.
  • Data Manipulation – Creating queries or calculating new columns.
  • Data Importing – Reading from databases or spreadsheets.

This document contains the first part of the BEST Viewpoints tutorial.