BEST DB Editor is an application designed to maintain a high data quality level while efficiently editing database tables in several database management systems like MySQL and SQL Server.  Use it to save data (text, numbers, dates) as well as images, graphics, expressions and other data types.  You can also perform basic database operations like querying data, importing and exporting data subsets, and creating new tables.  BEST DB Editor runs on Windows and Mac in either Mathematicafree CDF Player, or CDF Player Pro.  Please contact us for pricing or trial versions.

BEST DB Editor provides many features to create an efficient and safe DB editing environment:

  1. Simultaneously connect multiple users to DB Tables.
    1. Create users with different capabilities: Administrator, Advanced Data Entry, or Data Entry.
    2. Log in/out using User Name and Password.
    3. User capabilities (Edit, Delete, Query) can be modified by Administrators.
  2. Define field preferences that will help maintain a high level of data quality.
    1. Adjust input field editor to accept only data compatible to the field data type (Date, Abs[Integer], Real, VarChar, etc.).
    2. Field auto-complete for fast value selection and to avoid incorrect entries.
    3. Date Time editor for precise and quick date and time editing.
    4. ‘Allow New Values’ field option can be used by administrators to limit field values to those already contained in the field.
    5. Field Masks define the exact character length, position of numbers in a field, and the presence of delimiters.
    6. Field Editing capability can be disabled when a field value has been set to be filled automatically.
  3. Automate tasks to make data entry more efficient and ergonomic.
    1. Setup fields to ‘inherit previous values’ to avoid retyping the same record value over and over.
    2. Define when adding a record in a table should trigger an ‘auto fill records in linked tables’.
    3. Automatic cursor location in input field to reduce mouse usage.
  4. Single record or batch editing transactions for DB tables.
    1. Read from and Write to DB tables.  Create a single record or import a compatible data set.
    2. Query and Edit DB tables.  Edit a single record in a table or include all other records in tables where the ‘Master Key’ is present.
  5. Simplify table or field operations such as
    1. Create, Delete, or Drop table.
    2. Create or Delete fields or Modify field properties.

This Introduction to BEST DB Editor provides additional information.